I help you locate the intersection of who you want to be and who you’re called to be and live into this space across the ecosystem of your life, so that you can live, love and lead with greater consciousness, confidence, impact and sustainability.

When you’re in live, fluid relationship with all the parts of yourself – your inner experience, your values, your strengths what you want to create –

and attuned to the world around you, its patterns, universal wisdom, unique invitations and opportunities

and committed to trying on your insights through action so that you can experiment your way into fulfillment and impact

— then you have endless access to your own purpose as well as the ability to get things done in the world…sustainably.

The meaning of your life is so much bigger than just you, yet you feel expressed and aligned.

You constantly enact your purpose through the decisions you make about who and what you invest your time and self in, and your efforts feel “right-sized.”

You start living from “could’s” and “want to’s” rather than from “should’s” and “have to’s” and the result is more ease, more fulfillment, and greater impact in the arenas that matter most to you.


Finding the intersection of your aspirations and calling isn’t always easy.
In fact, sometimes it feels like a battle of the binaries –


You focus so much on the wisdom of others that you lose touch with your own desires, values and gifts. You struggle to set boundaries and say no. You burn out. You live a life of “service,” yet deep down inside, you feel invisible and enmeshed.

While you have community and connection, you lack a sense of purpose, voice, and achievement, and often feel pressured to meet other people’s expectations, yet when you do, it somehow never feels like enough.


You focus so much on your own inner wisdom, so insistent on “being true to yourself” and “making things happen” that you become hyper-focused on your goals and inflexible with other people. You have a strong point of view, rapidly check pursuits off your bucket list, yet lose touch with your Why. You live a life of drive and “freedom,” yet deep down inside, you feel lonely and disconnected.

While you have a stockpile of achievements and adventures to point to, you lack a sense of community and grounding, but worry that if you slow down, you’ll miss out.

Many times, you actually bounce back and forth between these two positions. You secretly wonder if there’s something wrong with you.

There isn’t.

So many of us find ourselves here: in the doldrums without much momentum.

I certainly have.

You can sail through this.

Remember, your inner self and your place in the world is a relationship.

And it doesn’t have to be oppositional.

You can be in deep partnership with others and have a strong perspective on your life.

You can get things done and still honor where other people are coming from.

You can feel like you have a sense of purpose and a contribution that’s both yours and bigger than you.

Through our work together, I help you stop the “binary bouncing” by tuning into your own wayfinding wisdom. Drawing on that wisdom, we dialogue and experiment to uncover your desires and reveal your role in the world, whether it be your spiritual calling, your vocation, your leadership style, your gifts, or your change-making contribution.


Go Above Session (90 Minutes)

A Go Above Session helps you fly up above your life, identify the sight, sound and feel of your own voice and use that to make some some decisions about one area of your life.

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Go Below Session (90 Minutes)

A Go Below Session helps you get out of your head and into the world, so that you are “experimenting” and “testing” your way into a career, relationship, or way of being that is fulfilling, sustainable, and impactful.

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Go Beyond Coaching (4 Months)

Go Beyond Coaching helps you read the signs across your life that point the way to your most sustainable, impactful and fulfilling life and tap into your inner compass, so that you can make decisions across the ecosystem of your life that you feel clear, grounded, and confident in.

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Organizational and Corporate Consulting

Through consulting, program design, workshop facilitation, and group coaching, I help your organization access, honor, and leverage the wisdom and genius of the people you employ, while positioning them to move towards towards ambitious and tangible outcomes.

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