Wayfinding is a way of navigating through the uncertainty and complexity of the modern world to locate and live into products, processes and ways of being that are yet unseen. It’s a form of innovation and of upending the status quo. It’s also a metaphor that guides how I coach.

The are lots of wayfinding traditions in the world; many continue to be powerfully stewarded by indigenous peoples the world over.

In my work, I draw on the historical tradition and current practice of exploration and discovery by Polynesian peoples. It’s a tradition that’s grounded in my lineage and that has deeply shaped how I move through the world.

Wayfinding, is how Polynesian navigators settled the Pacific. They found their way across vast swaths of ocean to new island chains without maps or landmarks.

They worked together, used their bodies as instruments and read the world and their place in it to make deliberate and intuitive decisions that led them to land that they couldn’t always see with their eyes.

They traveled boldly yet strategically into the unknown and expanded the perception of what was possible for others around them. And they did so by turning on their inner and outer eyes and astutely observing the unfolding patterns of the worlds inside and around them.

They drew on their individual and collective wisdom to strategically explore and experiment their way from one island chain to the next.

While they didn’t always know where they were going, they always knew where they were.

Learn more about the tradition and power of Polynesian Wayfinding.


Wayfinding is the process I use to guide how I live, lead, and love…

…so that I remain clear sighted on the sea of life, even when I can’t see exactly where I’m headed.

Your wayfinding wisdom is the seat of your personal power and creative vision.

It’s the birthplace of connection, innovation, sustainability, and liberation and a powerful metaphor for thinking about how you live, lead, and love beyond archetypes, beyond expectations, and beyond socially and historically imposed limitations.

Wayfinding is about about learning to “see” in your mind the outline of the island that you’re moving towards, even when you can’t see it with your eyes.

As a coach, I believe that wayfinding wisdom lives within you – in your body, in your experiences, in your history – and that our work together is to reveal it.

I also believe that wayfinding wisdom lives around you – in the patterns of the natural world, in the wisdom of those who have gone before, in the often unseen and overlooked signs of day to day life – and that our work together is to help you discern it.

And finally, I believe that your greatest contribution, your deepest calling, your most radical, creative and fulfilling life will emerge when you consciously integrate what you know with what the world knows and apply that wisdom across the ecosystem of your life.

All in the service of going beyond what is.

Anyone can wayfind, but not everyone chooses to be a wayfinder. Tuning into the frequency of wayfinding wisdom requires you to:

  • Become a curious observer of what’s happening inside and around you – so that you can pattern map the world and know truly that you are never lost, no matter how lost you feel in a moment.
  • Connect with your history and lineage – so that you know where you come from and how you were shaped and can be strong and clear in yourself, yet open and connected to others.
  • See yourself as both an individual with agency and a conduit to be worked through – so that you can access what you want to create AND what you are called to contribute to the world’s story in your mind’s eye BEFORE you see it with your human eyes.
  • Discern the timbre of truth from the phonetics of fear – so that you can make decisions and take action in the world that align with your inner vision of what is possible, even in the moments when possibility seems most obscure.
  • Honor your inherent interdependence with others – so that you can build a crew around you that shares your values, pour into them, and allow them to pour into you.
  • Experiment, explore, and try on ideas, experiences, and people – so that you can build your risk-taking muscles, learn what works and doesn’t, and create possibilities that you couldn’t see at the outset of the journey.

This is wayfinding: nuanced observation of your inner and outer world, coupled with ongoing exploration and experimentation in deep relationship with yourself, others, and the world as it unfolds – all in the service of going beyond what is.

Together we can reveal and integrate ALL of who you are and liberate you from all that you are not, so that you can dream, pursue, and lead a life beyond the status quo and invite others to do the same.

Let’s go beyond, together.

Let’s Work Together