Tuning into the wayfinding wisdom inside and around you is how you go beyond what currently exists in your life and begin calling forth new possibilities.

Wayfinding wisdom is what you draw on to consciously and confidently navigate through the complex and often confusing currents of your life, to create, connect, and meaningfully contribute to this constantly evolving world.

I’m Alice Chen – coach, consultant, experience architect, and fellow wayfinder. I believe that the answers to the world’s most pressing challenges lie in the marriage of traditional wisdom and modern technology and that we can each use our goals, careers, and relationships as canvases to express and experiment with these forces. I know that we each activate our most powerful selves in service of the world when we stand at the intersection of our personal aspirations and our greater calling.

To do this, we must draw on the wisdom of the past – our own and others – and use it to shape sustainable practices for our future. This is how I orient to the world and how I show up in our work together. I draw on my own wayfinding wisdom to help you tune into and leverage yours.

How to discern the timbre of truth from the phonetics of fear and the distractions of social pressure is something that I’ve witnessed and learned through relationships, and across the span of my career, from people who walk above, below and beside me.

Locating, listening, and trusting my wayfinding wisdom is how I define my leadership and pursue my dreams and aspirations. It’s how I make decisions, navigate through career and relationship challenges, get things done, show up for others, and exercise my creativity to go beyond the status quo.

It’s also my purpose – I aspire for each of us to navigate beyond the self-imposed limitations we place on ourselves and the socially imposed limitations that we place on others. I believe that the more wayfinders we have in the world, the more consciously, creatively, and sustainably we will meet the challenges of the future.

I believe that accessing and amplifying our individual and collective wayfinding wisdom is the path to personal and societal liberation.

And I also believe that the path to liberation begins with you.

Together we can work to discern and integrate the wayfinding wisdom that lives in and around you…so that you can live, love, and lead consciously, alongside of others, with purpose, clarity, conviction, and confidence and GO BEYOND to call forth new possibilities for yourself and for the world (they’re already there, just waiting to emerge).


I’ve often lived “in between things,” and have decades of personal experience finding my way across cultures, continents, and careers.

I come from a mixed-race AAPI family and live daily at the intersection of who I am and who I am perceived to be.

I’m constantly unpacking the social expectations that I’ve internalized about who I am supposed be as a result of my race, class, gender, and other identity markers…and engaging in the practice of liberating myself from those that keep me, and those around me, small.

I’ve developed a toolbox that helps me see myself and my experiences at multiple altitudes – this aids me in deciding which voices to listen to and which to ignore, in setting down the expectations that do not serve me, while self-defining ones that do, and in holding awareness around how my individual choices shape and impact those around me.

Each day, I practice embracing and integrating the complexities of my diverse identity, drawing on my personal and cultural history as a constant source of personal insight and power…and grappling with the many ways in which my history has and does liberate and oppress others.

I embrace the philosophy of “strong opinions loosely held” and seek to hold what I think I “know” about the world firmly, but loosely, so that I can hear and integrate the perspectives of others whose experiences differ from mine and remain open to growing and evolving, while still being grounded in my own core.


I’ve lived and worked all over the world in communities that, on the surface, might seem wildly different from each other. From Australia to New Zealand to Scotland to Hawai’i to Texas, Arkansas, Connecticut, Boston, California and numerous points in between, I’ve developed fluency in picking up and putting down roots, in embracing and being embraced by diverse communities.

I’ve learned to look for patterns in my environment, to tap into the universal truths that bind us, while acknowledging and being in deep relationship with our individual uniqueness.

I’ve learned to integrate the wisdom inside and around me by experimenting and testing my way into a life of meaning, impact and fulfillment that honors my interconnectedness with others, yet is truly mine.


Working with wayfinding wisdom is part of my story – as well as the subject of my professional education and career. Here are some experiences that I’ve had that help me to hold space for you:

  • I’ve pursued a bachelor’s degree in history and geology because I wanted to understand how individuals, cultures and environments are shaped and unfold over time.
  • I’ve earned a master’s degree in education and an international coaching certification so that I would be equipped with a deep understanding of how people learn and be able to facilitate that growth in everyone with whom I work.
  • I’ve been a public school teacher, an instructional coach, and a curriculum designer because I believe that every child matters and deserves a quality education that both affirms their identity and provides them with effective tools to navigate their world.
  • I’ve worked as a leadership and organizational development consultant because I deeply believe in creating more diverse and inclusive workplace cultures – this is how we create the conditions for employees to be more present, empowered & innovative in how they engage with each other and go beyond to solve complex challenges.
  • I’ve partnered with like-minded activists in Asian and Pacific Islander communities in Hawai’i, Australia, New Zealand and California because, as an AAPI woman, I believe that we must value the insights and contributions of our lineage and fight to ensure that our history and rights are respected and remembered.
  • I’ve been an executive and personal coach for over 10 years, helping individuals in families, schools, non-profits, start-ups and corporations clarify their purpose and values, develop their confidence and leadership skills, and unlock their creativity in the service of calling forth new possibilities and going beyond what is.




Your choices are not binary.

No matter how much you’ve been taught to believe they are.

You can live a life of meaning and impact and still make ends meet. You can take care of yourself and others while still getting things done.

You can “have it all” – when you’re clear about what that really means in the context of your life.

By tuning into the patterns inside and around you, you can let go of “have to’s” and “should’s” and create your own map as you go – and you won’t get it wrong.


You don’t have to be whipsawed by external expectations.

Nor does your life have to be solely about you.

You can let go of those external expectations and unlearn the internalized social conditioning that distances you from your own inner wisdom and the wisdom of others – and this is how you liberate yourself and create the conditions for greater freedom in our shared world.

This is how you serve something larger than your own self-interest, while still ending each day feeling joyful and fulfilled.


You can listen to your primal wisdom.

Your intuition, desires, and truth are a source of discernment and knowing.

You can get centered and grow your capacity to receive and integrate information from multiple frequencies – from your heart, mind, body, intuition, relationships, history, and environment – so that you can confidently make brilliant, intuitive and immediate decisions.

You can go beyond what currently exists in your life and find your way…even if you’re going somewhere that you’ve never been before.

Wayfinding wisdom is there – waiting to guide you from the inside out and the outside in.

And all you need to do is tune into it, explore it, discern it, trust it – and then let it take you beyond what currently seems possible to the work, the relationships, the impact, the life that reflects your deepest gifts and most change making contribution.

That’s the work we do…together.

Let’s wayfind together