90 Minutes


Sometimes, when you’re on the surface, it’s a wild place. The tides are moving in and out. The waves are churning and crashing on the shore. There are birds flying about and squawking. There’s weather – clouds, wind, the occasional squall. There are boats and surfers and children swimming.

There’s a lot of motion, a lot of stimuli, and a lot going on – and it’s hard to attend to all of it at once. Sometimes, we lose focus and a wave sneaks up on us and tosses us for a ringer.

The surface of the ocean, with all its activities and demands on your attention, is daily life. To go beyond what currently exists in our life, we first have to learn to see differently.

We need to get a different perspective on what’s going on, to soar high and see the big picture. When we zoom out, we see what is – we see where the ocean gets deeper, where the rocks and reefs are, where the surfers are congregating, what the wave patterns are. We also see what’s coming – we notice the weather on the horizon, we see land in the distance.

And we get to consider – “Given what’s on deck and what’s coming, how do I want to meet, respond, and shape my circumstances?”

Locating yourself in the world and asking the question, “What do I want?” helps you decide, navigate, choose and act in context, not absent of it.


A Go Above Session is for you if:

You recognize that, while busy, your overall life is comparably pretty good – there’s nothing disastrously off keel, yet you’ve got questions and can’t shake the feeling that you want something more or different in a particular area of your life.

You aren’t quite sure what this looks like; it’s not really a “problem” to solve. It’s more of a place that you want to sail to that you’re not sure you’ve ever been to before, so you can’t Google how to get there.

And though you are driven and accomplished, with a history of “figuring it out,” often on your own, there are so many competing voices in your head right now that you aren’t sure who to listen to.

You sense that you need a sounding board to help you hear your own voice and to attune to your own inner compass. You’re looking for a vision and set of values to guide how you make decisions moving forward, and a thought-partner to help you articulate yourself.

And that’s what you’ll get out of a Go Above Session.


You’ll pick an area of your life to focus on – could be your career, your leadership, your romantic partnership, your sense of community or something else.

I’ll act as a guide by your side, helping you zoom out on current and past experiences in this area of your life so that you can cull insights from where you’ve been. Then we’ll have a look at your horizon together – What’s coming up in this area of your life? What do you want to be true?

I’ll support you to articulate a vision and set of values for the future that are grounded in both your voice and your context.

You’ll leave lit and energized because you’ll be more deeply connected to yourself, your priorities, and the world.

90 minutes, we meet via phone, $295

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"I cannot recommend working with Alice more highly. We've been working together for 2.5 years now, through a time of immense change in both my personal and professional lives. She has helped me adapt to that change and seize each opportunity that has presented itself. My time with Alice has given me a safe and judgement free zone to reflect on my experience, internalize learnings, and plan for my next steps forward. I feel supported by Alice to step outside of my comfort zone and to explore new ways of interacting with the world. Ultimately, working with Alice has helped me learn faster and mature further than I otherwise would have. I look forward to our sessions and walk away feeling calmer and more secure in my path forward each time we meet."
Caitlin Pomeroy
Chief Product & Strategy Officer / Real Green
“As a result of working with Alice, I'm more comfortable with myself as a leader in a completely different way than I was a few months ago, and that absolutely changes how I show up in spaces, in a much better way. I also feel like I'm just better at leading. I'm better at listening. I'm better at monitoring myself and my thoughts and feelings. I'm better at asking people questions. I'm better at being mindful. I'm better at sensing what's really going on behind people's words and making choices as a result of that.”
Josh Bobbitt
Learning Designer
"Alice has been both a personal inspiration and an invaluable thought partner to me as I chart my career. As a woman of color in a largely white field, I've had to navigate a number of unpredictable challenges, changing circumstances and difficult transitions. Alice's coaching and thoughtful reframing have been integral to my progress - whether with planning a team meeting or learning to ask for what I need to do my best work. Her constant prodding on what matters most to me has made my work more meaningful and authentic."
Neha Singh Gohil
Program Office / The Hewlett Foundation
"This summer, I advocated to invest my professional development in a series of one-on-one personal coaching sessions with Alice in lieu of a traditional job-specific training. It was the best decision I've made. Alice centered me as a whole person in all of my identities - as a professional, a mother, a woman, a person of color, a partner, a friend. Instead of seeing these as compartmentalized, Alice helped me draw connections across all of the spheres of my life. During our coaching sessions, Alice helped me excavate and examine the limiting beliefs that were holding me back subconsciously from living into the fullness of all my identities. Not only have I gained clarity and empowerment as a working professional, I also feel the same clarity and empowerment in all of the dimensions of my life. I can see so much growth and progress in my own resilience reservoirs. The hustle and bustle of my life hasn't changed, but my internal narrative about who I am and what I can do has fundamentally shifted. Alice embodies such a beautiful balance of holding space while also sharing a wealth of knowledge. I am so proud of my personal growth over my coaching sessions and feeling incredibly thankful for my time with Alice, who cheered me on every step of the way. Wayfinding the pathway forward with Alice has been powerful, emotional, and - dare I say? - fun!"
Helen T.
Director of Operations
"Working with Alice has been personally and professionally transformative, not to mention joyful. Through reflection, healing, and exercises, I've become more self-aware, more capable of leading from a deeper place of my core being, more intentional, and better equipped to manage and lead with spiritual integrity. I can't possibly recommend working with Alice highly enough."
Rabbi Dr. Shumly Yanklowitz
Founder & Executive Director / Valley Beit Midrash
“One of the many transformative takeaways while working with Alice was the importance of a thoughtful and intentional approach towards decision-making. Although it may seem common sense, there were many factors (family, external expectations, pride, etc.) that, at times, interfered. It was with Alice’s guidance (through lots of thought-provoking questions) that I grew aware of the many factors influencing how I made decisions and, ultimately, how I was leading my life up to that point. Understanding all this, we worked to view each decision objectively and in accordance to my career and life goals. Alice is amazing and I would highly recommend her.”
Karina Macias
Recruiting and Talent Operations / Nova Credit
“One of my favorite things about Alice’s coaching style is that she holds you accountable for the work you say you’re going to work on. Her coaching worksheets, synthesis of each session, and availability in between sessions kept me motivated and on track. Now I trust in myself so much more, I know where I am going in life, and I have a much better mechanisms in place to deal with “curveball” situations. Alice is an amazing coach and person- I wholeheartedly recommend her.”
Sarah Grady
Program and Grants Manager / Silver Giving Foundation
"When I started working Alice, I was underwater - unhappy, unclear of my future, & overwhelmed by potential paths. I wanted to figure out what my "life plan" was. Through working with her, I learned I don't need a plan for everything before I get started doing something & that I can take small steps towards a path I might want as a way to understand if I really do want that & to discover what's next. Alice helped me develop mindsets & tools to experiment by way forward. When I finally quit my job, it felt like the next right thing rather than a huge risk. Because of our work together, I am more confident, know myself better, & feel like I can figure things out as they come rather than need to figure them all out at once."
Nicoll Mischel
Student Success Coach / Guild Education
"Alice did an amazing job helping me to surface my values and guide me in living them out both in my personal life and work life. She helped me ask the right questions at the right time, helped me to step back and understand what is within my power, and showed me how I can design my life to really take into account what I want. Through our work together, I negotiated a sabbatical for myself, took some time to travel the world, found my next dream job and started a family. Alice has been instrumental in helping me bee the driver of my own life."
Awara Mendy Adeagbo
Associate Partner / Promise Venture Studio
“Alice models the power of storytelling and its ability to build bridges across lines of difference really well. I have leveraged that skill from her in many other areas of my life, both personally and professionally.”
Ashleigh Collins
Dean of Academic Programs / Relay Graduate School of Education
"Alice’s leadership development cohort was the most transformative learning experience of my career. Due to Alice’s expert facilitation, I became a stronger leader from inside out. I learned how to tap into my inner wisdom and get honest about what was holding me back. Alice brings unmatched rigor, humor, empathy, equity, and wisdom to every one of her learning experiences."
Rupa Rihan
Founder / Rupa Dev Rihan Consulting
"So much of the leader I am today - both professionally and personally - has developed through my relationship with Alice, with her deep empathy, powerful listening skills and just real belief in who I am. At one of the real low points in my professional career, Alice coached me to find my personal power, helping me see the agency I had in both creating the situation and in finding a new path forward that felt aligned to my personal values. Through my work with Alice, I've confronted some hard truths about how I show up in the world and feel ever more resolved in my purpose moving forward."
Sammi Phillips
Organizational Development Consultant / Deloitte
"Alice is one of the most transformational leaders you will ever meet – she has helped me become a much more effective leader and a better person. Her ability to see what is needed for both individual and organizational transformative change and to make action plans to get there is unparalleled. She helped the team at Mindful Life Project take our organization to the next level culturally and practically at a crucial moment in our growth cycle. I highly recommend her for any organization, company, or individual in need of transformative change!"
JG Larochette
Executive Director / Mindful Life Project
"With Alice, I was able to identify some of the common stories that I have allowed to hold me back professionally and personally and she helped me live in a way that is more aligned with my values and beliefs. I really appreciated that Alice never let me off the hook – she didn’t let me take the easy way out but instead pushed me to think about things in new ways. I would highly recommend working with Alice if you are ready to figure out what you really want out of life and are not afraid of looking at yourself and your actions though with a critical yet loving eye."
Dominique Turrentine
Manager of Strategic Initiatives / Chan Zuckerberg Initiative
"Working with Alice took me from a place of overwhelm and confusion to a place of clarity and excitement for what's to come in my career. Alice not only helped me to define my career values, goals, and dreams, but also helped me to identify blocks within myself that have prevented me from achieving all that I have wanted in the past. I would highly recommend her to anyone who has ambition and drive, but is lost on how to best channel it."
Emily Smith
Founder / Weekday Remedy
"Working with Alice is like constructing a fabulous story – she listens carefully and helps weave together the stories I am telling myself with bits of wisdom and love-based truth to help me construct a more workable narrative. Alice sits with me in beautiful and uncomfortable realities, helps me imagine possibilities I can’t yet see, and pushes me to action so I can clearly direct my intentions and energy."
Jennifer Mayer Sandoval
Founder & Principal Consultant / Becoming Better Together