90 Minutes


Sometimes, when you’re on the surface, it’s a wild place. The tides are moving in and out. The waves are churning and crashing on the shore. There are birds flying about and squawking. There’s weather – clouds, wind, the occasional squall. There are boats and surfers and children swimming.

There’s a lot of motion, a lot of stimuli, and a lot going on – and it’s hard to attend to all of it at once. Sometimes, we lose focus and a wave sneaks up on us and tosses us for a ringer.

The surface of the ocean, with all its activities and demands on our attention, is daily life. Sometimes we need to get up above our daily life and get new perspective on where we are at so that we can decide where we want to go.

Other times, we need to dive beneath the surface and poke about a bit to see what’s there, to employ our curiosity in the service of exploring what’s right for us.

The world looks different beneath the surface of the sea – the reef, the light, the land, the feel of the water is distinct from our experience on the surface. It invites us to look at our life and location in new ways – to get out of our heads and into the world and to embark on an adventure of “life experimentation” to test our way into an integrated and fulfilling life.

Taking the time to ask the question, “How can I test my way into the vision I have for my life?” and to design life experiments to try on your insights, helps you refine and live into your aspirations and calling.


A “Go Below” Session is for you if…

You are ready to experiment in your career, relationships or life in order to figure out what you really want or are called to.

You have a pretty clear picture of what you want in a certain area of your life but aren’t quite sure how to make it come alive, though you are certainly driven to.

You’re a little skeptical of yourself and want to make sure that what you think you want is actually what you want…’cause sometimes it hasn’t been.

Rather than sit and think more about your vision, you want to get out in the world, pressure test and refine it through action, but you aren’t sure how to do that.

You’re insatiably curious, love to learn and try things on. In fact, you’ve tried to set goals for yourself, but the goals seem to get really big really fast (because you’re ambitious) and you ultimately find yourself overwhelmed by where to start.

You sense you need a thought-partner to help you prune the mental chia pet that’s growing in your mind, focus your attention and prioritize your “life experiments.”

You’re looking for clear priorities and actions you can take to make your life, career, or relationship vision come alive, broken down into manageable chunks that build forward and a champion and challenger that will hold you accountable for moving from ideas to action.

And that’s what you’ll get out of a Go Below Session.


You’ll pick an area of your life that you’d like to “experiment” in – could be your career, your relationships, your leadership, or something else.

I’ll act as a guide by your side, helping you get out of the mindset of “get it right, get it done” and into the mindset of “life experimentation.”

Together we will get clear on what you want to test in your life and craft a “learning question” to orient you.

Then we’ll design 1-2 meaningful yet “right-sized” life experiments for your to “try on.”

Finally, we’ll get clear on what “data” you’re collecting through your experiments and how you can use that data to inform your next steps.

You’ll leave with a sense of clarity and possibility, ready to take action and test yourself into the intersection of your aspirations and calling.

90 minutes, we meet via phone, $295.

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"When I started working Alice, I was underwater - unhappy, unclear of my future, & overwhelmed by potential paths. I wanted to figure out what my "life plan" was. Through working with her, I learned I don't need a plan for everything before I get started doing something & that I can take small steps towards a path I might want as a way to understand if I really do want that & to discover what's next. Alice helped me develop mindsets & tools to experiment by way forward. When I finally quit my job, it felt like the next right thing rather than a huge risk. Because of our work together, I am more confident, know myself better, & feel like I can figure things out as they come rather than need to figure them all out at once."
Nicoll Mischel
Project Director / Jewish Teen Foundation
"So much of the leader I am today - both professionally and personally - has developed through my relationship with Alice, with her deep empathy, powerful listening skills and just real belief in who I am. At one of the real low points in my professional career, Alice coached me to find my personal power, helping me see the agency I had in both creating the situation and in finding a new path forward that felt aligned to my personal values. Through my work with Alice, I've confronted some hard truths about how I show up in the world and feel ever more resolved in my purpose moving forward."
Sammi Phillips
Organizational Development Consultant / Deloitte
"With Alice, I was able to identify some of the common stories that I have allowed to hold me back professionally and personally and she helped me live in a way that is more aligned with my values and beliefs. I really appreciated that Alice never let me off the hook – she didn’t let me take the easy way out but instead pushed me to think about things in new ways. I would highly recommend working with Alice if you are ready to figure out what you really want out of life and are not afraid of looking at yourself and your actions though with a critical yet loving eye."
Dominique Turrentine
Manager / Chan Zuckerberg Initiative
"Working with Alice took me from a place of overwhelm and confusion to a place of clarity and excitement for what's to come in my career. Alice not only helped me to define my career values, goals, and dreams, but also helped me to identify blocks within myself that have prevented me from achieving all that I have wanted in the past. I would highly recommend her to anyone who has ambition and drive, but is lost on how to best channel it."
Emily Smith
Manager, Client Services / Tapad
"Working with Alice is like constructing a fabulous story – she listens carefully and helps weave together the stories I am telling myself with bits of wisdom and love-based truth to help me construct a more workable narrative. Alice sits with me in beautiful and uncomfortable realities, helps me imagine possibilities I can’t yet see, and pushes me to action so I can clearly direct my intentions and energy."
Jennifer Mayer Sandoval
Principal / Becoming Better Together