4 Months (12 Sessions)


When you feel called to uncover all of you who you are, let go of limiting expectations and come into harmony with your inner narrative and your outer work in the world – in other words, when you’re seeking your whole self and something greater than yourself, and you’re ready to do this deep work in partnership with another person – then I offer ongoing coaching to help you go beyond what currently is in your life.

Go Beyond Coaching helps you tune into, trust and amplify the wayfinding wisdom inside and around you.

It aids you in owning your story, your power, your truth and holding it alongside of the stories and truths of others, so that you can confidently, sustainably and collaboratively find your way in the world.

As a coach, I believe that the answers to the questions that keep you up at night are found at the intersection of what’s inside and what’s around you.

Our work together involves getting up above the surface of your life to craft a vision for what you want that is deeply rooted in your life context. It’s also about going below the surface of your life to poke about and see what’s there that might support or hinder you on your journey – so that you can learn to tune into and discern the right frequency of wisdom for your journey.

Finally, it about getting you out in the world to try on your insights through action, so that you can build your capacity to thoughtfully experiment your way across uncharted territory in your personal and professional life…now and far into the future.

This is the way of the wayfinder.

Wayfinders are deeply grounded in their own truths and desires AND in living relationship with the others and the world.

They constantly ask questions, observe, experiment and engage with the world around them in the service of going beyond.

Wisdom flows through them…because they allow it to, and it is that wisdom that helps them go beyond what they can currently see in their organizations, careers, and relationships to new levels of creativity and contribution.

Most literally, wayfinding is how Polynesian navigators found their way across vast swaths of ocean without instruments or landmarks. They used their bodies as instruments and read the world and their place in it to make deliberate and intuitive decisions that helped them locate land they had never been to before.

Learn more about the living tradition of Polynesian Voyaging here.

The way these skilled navigators experienced the world and themselves has shaped the way I’m in relationship with myself and the world. It’s a tradition and a lineage that I am part of and that works through me.

Unleashing your inner wayfinder is the work we do together in Go Beyond Coaching.

Go Beyond Coaching is for you when you are ready to show up as your most powerful and impactful self, and you are willing to do the deep inner work of integrating your aspirations with your calling and standing in your purpose in all areas of your life and leadership.

It’s for you if…

  • You know deep inside that you’re living or leading smaller than you could…even if, by other people’s standards, you’re doing pretty well.
  • You feel in your gut that if today was your last day on Earth, you’d be leaving gifts on the table…and frankly that’s not how you want to live.
  • You worry that you don’t really know what you want…despite your impressive record of achievement and the fact that others describe you as “driven,” “accomplished” and “put together”…and you’re tired of feeling misaligned.
  • You know that once you figure out what you want, you’ll take action. You’ll put in the time…when the direction is clear and makes sense and has purpose and meaning, but right now, you feel stuck.
  • You get that you are your own biggest asset and the one that most gets in your way. You’re ready to let go of the beliefs and expectations that limit your ability to see forward into your life and to use your gifts and talents to stand powerfully in your purpose and leadership.
  • Your intuition is telling you that the time to go beyond is now.
  • You aren’t about being rescued. Instead, you want a space to figure it out for yourself and a trusted guide by your side who will challenge and support you to find your own answers and live into them.

And that’s what you’ll get from Go Beyond Coaching – a space, a guide, support that will help you access your own wayfinding wisdom, so that it can flow freely through your choices and actions.


  • Our first session together will be a 90 minute kick-off session, so that you can get present to your current reality, articulate where you want to go and get clear on the horizons we’ll explore. More practically: we’ll pinpoint how you want to feel, what you want to create in your world, and the first couple things you’ll need to tackle to get there given where you’re starting.
  • Within the first month, we’ll complete your Discovery Assessment so that you can assess your energetic ebbs and flows. This assessment shows you where you’re fighting the current; how stress creates whirlpools & riptides in your life; and what you can do to get out of the doldrums and let some wind into your sails.
  • After that, three times a month, we’ll do a 50 minute phone coaching session so that you can bring forward your current challenges and we can make sense of them together. We’ll figure out how to remove barriers and blocks so that you can feel good about the decisions you’re making en route to your big-picture goals and aspirations.
  • At the end of each session, you’ll synthesize your key insights and assign yourself some “homework” to help you practice, move forward, or test out some of your wayfinding wisdom. I’ll offer you resources and orienteering exercises to support you in getting the most out of each coaching session and to help you build and flex your wayfinding muscles over time.
  • In between sessions, you’ll have access to me via text or email so that you can celebrate, get insights, stay accountable and pull in some wind to your sails when you need it.
  • In our coaching work together, I hold the container and bring the language and tools to support you in making sense of your experience.
  • You bring your real life experiences, a perspective on what you hope to create, and the motivation and commitment to take action on the insights you uncover between sessions.
  • You choose this work so that you can come into yourself and your leadership fully on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.
  • In our coaching work together, we’ll tap into the wayfinding wisdom inside and around you, help you reveal your purpose, calling and core desires and develop an inner compass that you can use to decide, discover, create and move into new opportunities with confidence and clarity.

We’re about exploration, revelation and integration…

…in the service of going beyond what is and calling forth new possibilities for yourself and the world.

A four month engagement of 12 sessions is $2,495.

Payment plans are available, so please feel to talk to me about them!

Click the link below to schedule a consultation. From there I am happy to answer any questions that you have about whether this is the right experience for you.


"When I started working Alice, I was underwater - unhappy, unclear of my future, & overwhelmed by potential paths. I wanted to figure out what my "life plan" was. Through working with her, I learned I don't need a plan for everything before I get started doing something & that I can take small steps towards a path I might want as a way to understand if I really do want that & to discover what's next. Alice helped me develop mindsets & tools to experiment by way forward. When I finally quit my job, it felt like the next right thing rather than a huge risk. Because of our work together, I am more confident, know myself better, & feel like I can figure things out as they come rather than need to figure them all out at once."
Nicoll Mischel
Project Director / Jewish Teen Foundation
"So much of the leader I am today - both professionally and personally - has developed through my relationship with Alice, with her deep empathy, powerful listening skills and just real belief in who I am. At one of the real low points in my professional career, Alice coached me to find my personal power, helping me see the agency I had in both creating the situation and in finding a new path forward that felt aligned to my personal values. Through my work with Alice, I've confronted some hard truths about how I show up in the world and feel ever more resolved in my purpose moving forward."
Sammi Phillips
Organizational Development Consultant / Deloitte
"With Alice, I was able to identify some of the common stories that I have allowed to hold me back professionally and personally and she helped me live in a way that is more aligned with my values and beliefs. I really appreciated that Alice never let me off the hook – she didn’t let me take the easy way out but instead pushed me to think about things in new ways. I would highly recommend working with Alice if you are ready to figure out what you really want out of life and are not afraid of looking at yourself and your actions though with a critical yet loving eye."
Dominique Turrentine
Manager / Chan Zuckerberg Initiative
"Working with Alice took me from a place of overwhelm and confusion to a place of clarity and excitement for what's to come in my career. Alice not only helped me to define my career values, goals, and dreams, but also helped me to identify blocks within myself that have prevented me from achieving all that I have wanted in the past. I would highly recommend her to anyone who has ambition and drive, but is lost on how to best channel it."
Emily Smith
Manager, Client Services / Tapad
"Working with Alice is like constructing a fabulous story – she listens carefully and helps weave together the stories I am telling myself with bits of wisdom and love-based truth to help me construct a more workable narrative. Alice sits with me in beautiful and uncomfortable realities, helps me imagine possibilities I can’t yet see, and pushes me to action so I can clearly direct my intentions and energy."
Jennifer Mayer Sandoval
Principal / Becoming Better Together