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Wayfinding organizations do innovation work – work that goes beyond.

Whether designing the “mall of the future” or building a school model that radically reconceptualizes what public education could look like, wayfinding organizations understand that diverse wisdom is essential to fostering a culture of creativity and innovation.

Wayfinding organizations seeking to stand out in the marketplace realize that the demographics of this country and this world will continue to shift as the years go on.

They know that without conscious efforts to invest in and unleash the power of diversity and inclusion, they will miss out on creative opportunities.

They recognize that setting up opportunities for collaboration and enhancing the diversity of their workforce alone is not enough if the environments that that collaboration is happening in don’t honor or create space for people to show up in their wholeness and offer their wisdom. Contained in that wisdom could be the key insight that helps them create a product, a process, or an outcome that’s truly revolutionary.

To this end, wayfinding organizations invest in culture development as well as demographic diversification. They proactively seek to equip their leaders and teams with the tools and orientations that they need to draw forth and support the wisdom of all their employees.

Wayfinding organizations seek to develop cultures and conditions that:

  • Encourage learning and growth.
  • Promote equity aligned dialogue and action.
  • Value and support the integration of outcomes, people, and processes.
  • Honor the wisdom of diverse experiences.
  • Foster creativity, innovation, and experimentation among all team members.

And that’s where I come in…

I help wayfinding organizations build cultures of creativity and innovation by designing and facilitating hands on leadership experiences for teams and by coaching culture leaders – executives, senior leaders and boards.

I also strategize with organizations seeking to hold and honor the wisdom and genius of the people they employ, while positioning them to move towards tangible outcomes by helping them harness the creative power of diversity and inclusion – not with a single workshop or a mission statement but through policies, practices and experiences that weave it into the very fabric of their corporate culture.

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Some wayfinding organizations I currently work with include…